W.E. L.E.A.D Program


In the vast majority of career fields today, education – though still very important – is responsible for only a portion of professional success. Employers are continuously searching for well-rounded individuals who are able to be both team players and team leaders. This is the inspiration behind Powell Consulting’s WE LEAD Program, providing students and young adults with the tools to stand out among the crowd.

Directed by Dr. Kristin Powell, this professional development program offers the opportunity to refine skills that are necessary for success in today’s fast-paced workforce. Here is a partial list of our most common topics for students and young adults:

·         Mentoring & Leadership

·         Professional Dress & Etiquette

·         Interviewing and Resume Development

·         Time Management and Organization

·         Identifying Potential Career Paths

·         Networking and Communication Skills

Workshops can be tailored towards specific needs or interest to ensure the greatest benefit for attendees. The following formats are most requested; however, other combinations may be available upon request:

· Series of 1-hour workshops over a specified period (i.e. once a week, twice a month, etc.)

        o   Format provides the option to focus on a specific number of skills or all skills listed

· Half day seminar

       o   Format provides the option to focus on a specific number of skills or all skills listed

· Full day seminar

       o   It is suggested that all skills are discussed within the full day seminar


Developmental Coaching – focuses on life and career transitions, professional growth and development, skills-building and team-building. This type of coaching creates a confidential relationship between coach and coachee with topics that may include but are not limited to:

o   Setting and Achieving Personal and Professional Goals

o Leadership skills

o   Team management and development

o   Career planning and transitioning

o   Self-care and work-life alignment

o   Interpersonal relationship skills

o   Institutional perspective-building

o   Skillful management of difficult conversations and situations

o   Managing the multigenerational workplace


One-on-one, 50-minute coaching session, scheduled ad hoc for a single individual and not part of a package, minimum of 3 sessions per individual

One-on-one, 50-minute coaching sessions, scheduled for a minimum of 8 sessions as a package for a single individual

Group coaching sessions, 50 minutes, minimum group size = 4, maximum group size = 12, minimum of 2 sessions + 1 hour of preparatory time; typically provided with curriculum or modular design; 1 hour of prep for each 2 hours of delivery will be charged


Individual coaching sessions

Package-based coaching sessions

Group- or team-based coaching