Dr. Mira Brancu, Department Of Veterans Affairs

I have had the pleasure of working with Kristin Powell for 3 years now. In the business world, you would not easily find one person with the responsibility and aptitude to oversee multiple functions, including day-to-day operations, fiscal management and stewardship of funding, development and evaluation of new employee training models, and the execution of a strategic planning process- these functions would have been distributed among a Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Learning Officer, Director of Research, and others. She is able to see both the big picture needs of programs as well as track the details - another strength that is rare in most leaders. For example, in her management of the strategic planning process, she was exceptional in developing initial and follow-up meeting agendas that were productive and thus successful in meeting the intended outcomes. She developed an extraordinary blended-learning training employee model, and planned and implemented the transition to this model successfully. Her ability to oversee, plan, and organize successful, efficient, and productive meetings, as well as her strength in implementation, transition management, and training, are amazing skill sets. And on a more interpersonal level, Kristin is a pleasure to work with - a wonderful, supportive colleague and an insightful, thoughtful, and ethical leader.