We are a woman-owned business committed to serving  small businesses, organizations, and minority and underserved communities of greater Birmingham. 



Powell Consulting was founded by Kristin L. Powell, Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Powell began her career in the public service/government arena by specializing in treating trauma survivors and training mental health providers across the nation in evidence-based treatments. Dr. Powell has spent over a decade in healthcare leadership, providing strategic direction and process improvements to a range of innovative projects that have improved patient care in one of the nation's largest health care systems.

In 2017, Dr. Powell envisioned developing a business that would provide unique, personalized consultation services for businesses and organizations, as well as, serve the needs of underserved minority communities. Dr. Powell leads the team by drawing on her expertise in behavior change, problem resolution, strategic planning, implementation, measurement, program evaluation, and facilitation to create winning solutions for organizational health and growth.  



our team

  • Over 30 years of experience in public and non-profit service
  • Consultants and trainers in the areas of transformational/servant leadership, behavior change, motivational enhancement, and diversity/cultural competence
  • Demonstrated ability to manage and transform complex projects and teams within healthcare, research, and advocacy settings