The Powell Process

We provide principles based consulting that enables business owners and organizational leaders to strengthen their mindsets, attain goals, and create positive engagement with clients and employees. No one should have to take this journey alone. We aim to walk with you every step of the way.

We take our clients through the following 4-stage process, in an effort to help you reach your desired goals and outcomes:



Growth = Uncertain to Enlightened

We help you to identify and understand your current position by identifying strengths (what is working well), problem areas (what is not working well), and opportunities for growth.

What We Do:

 Throughout this stage, we work with you to help you to identify strengths, problems, and opportunities by examining existing mission, goals, policies, structure, resources, and environmental factors, desired outcomes, and readiness to take action. We also take the time to talk about mindset and whether any mindset improvements or shifts should be considered.

How We Do It:

 This typically takes places through interviews and/or surveys with the client and key team members.


Growth = Unfocused to Structured/Motivated

Once we have clearly diagnosed the problem area(s), we can address each problem and form a strategic action plan.  Without setting goals and a clear direction for achieving those goals, things can seem pretty chaotic. All accomplishments, whether large or small, are the result of goals that are set and a vision that was charted and realized.

What We Do: Throughout this stage, we engage you in a structured and trackable action planning process.  Instead of making vague resolutions, we want to make sure that your plans are SMART- specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely.

How We Do It: This typically take places through a series of planning meetings where goals, objectives, action steps, and strategies are identified. We also discuss how success will be measured.  This stage can involve individuals and/or entire teams.




Growth =   Stagnant to Transformed

Now that you have a clear plan in place, let’s start performing. During this stage, actionable change steps and a measurement plan may be further developed and partnerships are cultivated. 

What We Do: Develop a plan to monitor performance/goal attainment and identify the essential resources that will help you to advance your plans.

How We Do It:  This may involve a range of activities and steps, including developing an employee training plan, forming an evaluation plan, and cultivating partnership/stakeholder relations.


Unless a measurement system is in place and activated, how will you know that you have achieved your goals? We need to measure in order to track progress and better understand the impact of the intervention and related change steps, which will enhance your value.

Growth:  Undervalued to Excellence

What We Do: Assess the planned changed efforts by tracking progress in implementing the changes and by documenting their impact.

How We Do It:  Help you to assess the outcome and impact of the changes. We celebrate with you when goals are met and help you to set new goals based on your outcomes.